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the_mcrib's Journal

Return of The McRib
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Ever since making waves in the fast-food underground with the seminal, groundbreaking McRib sandwich in the late '80s, McDonald's has grown steadily, today boasting a rabidly devoted following numbering in the thousands. The chain has proven hugely influential, spawning the so-called "McDonaldland Scene" of the mid-'90s and shaping the menus of dozens of fast-food outlets.
-The Onion

I was working there when they introduced the McRib. It's this pinkish white scum-"pork" that's shaped into a rib and frozen. We simply take it out, fry it on the burger grill and dunk it in a bucket of "barbeque sauce."
For the sake of your unborn children and your heart valves, I beg you to stop.

-David Todd

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